Jan 13 2008


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Making it happen: At heart, I’m still basically a street photographer, but I love good light. So these days, I look for the good light first, and if it’s not readily available, I make it happen.

I like to work fast and light. I usually don’t see the need for a lot of lighting overkill. That being said, some of my shoots have been known to take longer-and lots of assistants-to light…it all depends on the subject. Because there’s only one thing that matters at the end of the shoot-getting the shot.

Sometimes it is brain surgery. Sometimes it’s a brain scan and sometimes it’s looking through a microscope to make art out of a rat’s brain. I go wherever the assignment takes me-I’m one of the few photographers you’ll ever meet who knows how to scrub for surgery (though they only let me operate the camera).

Call me. I’d love to work with you. Call 1-888-546-6509 or email me at mark@harmelphoto.com. Photographers are standing by.

Many photos in this blog are available for licensing either directly or through Getty Images. Just ask.

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