Dec 30 2007


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When I quickly scroll through recent images shot with my digital camera I experience a delay while my

camera is processing the images with a message that reads – “busy”. I ponder if this is some

aesthetic judgement that is embeded in the camera by some Zen Japanese design engineer. Does this

mean that the composition of my recent photo set is too busy? Does the Zen critic want me to simplify

my images? I first thought this after reviewing this series of moving tree images. A more accurate

description is stationary trees shot from a moving car.

20071229 stk 61081 busy

Is the “busy” message a sign of approval? Would the busyness of this image please the camera

engineer because he or she can appreciate the beauty in complexity or is it a criticism that photos are

too busy? I took the message to heart and strove for the Zen simplicity in a couple of cat tail leaves.

20071228 stk 60351 busy

Is this what the mystery engineer wants me to produce or is there a desire for me to follow a middle


20071228 stk 60361 busy

When I see the busy indicator now what should I think?

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