Sep 14 2009

don’t bet against jay leno

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There is plenty of speculation how the Jay Leno Show will change the late, prime-time TV landscape. The little nugget I can add to that debate comes from witnessing to an interview with Jay Leno conducted by Sharon Osbourne before the launch of her daytime talk show.

20021109 Tele 1979 dont bet against jay leno

Jay Leno advising Sharon Osbourne

I heard one of the smartest dissertations on the recipe for success for a talk show you will ever hear. Somewhere that tape is sitting in a vault. It should be pulled out and played for every TV executive and perhaps even business school students. Jay understands what it takes to please an audience and make a TV show work. He mixes his talent with hard work with being a genuine nice guy. During the break in the taping Jay grabbed food and ate with the crew happily trading tales about his car collection.

20021107 tele 1778 dont bet against jay leno

Sharon Osbourne happy to receive Jay's advice

I will be watching to see how Jay will do in his show opener tonight and my bet is that Jay will find a way to make the show work.

Mark Harmel

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