May 06 2008

here comes the judge

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Warner Bros released a photo today to the Associated Press that I took of Judge Jeanine Pirro. Below is a more shadowy version of her honor that may be used in the title treatment or as a bumper going in or out of commercials.

20070612 tele 7654 here comes the judge

Pirro is my second TV judge. The first was famous boxing referee Mills Lane who was known for starting fights with his trademark phrase “Let’s get it on!”

mills door here comes the judge

I started doing these television promotional shoot with director John McBride. We started out together working on local station promotions and then moved on to various shows produced by the the Warner Bros division Telepictures .

The original project was shooting still photo that John put together into commercials for the station and we moved onto mixing live action with still images. At time the stills are shot in conjunction with the film crew and other times I’m shooting independently.

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