Oct 06 2010

Into the in Vitro Fertilization Lab

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A quick post in honor of the Nobel prize winners Robert G. Edwards, an English biologist who with a physician colleague, Dr. Patrick Steptoe, developed the in vitro fertilization procedure for treating human infertility.

ICSI1 Into the in Vitro Fertilization Lab

ICSI (artificial fertilization), sperm being injected into egg

My brush with the field came from a lab in a fertilization clinic at UCLA. We put together an illustration of Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection or ICSI.

If you look close you will notice that the little fish-like sperm is still in the injection needle instead of being placed in the egg. This was to avoid any controversy over creating and destroying a life.

The egg in the photo was a sample of the extra eggs that are produced in fertility treatment that often get discarded instead of being used for stem cell research.

(The original photo was more monochrome, the color was added by the imaging team at Getty Images. You can look for image # 876486-001.)

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