Mar 30 2008

range sails to hang in the center for fine art photography

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One of my Sightings photos was recently selected to hang in The Center for Fine Art Photography’s 2008 ASMP Exhibition.

This was a competition only open to members of the professional trade group, The American Society of Media Photographers. The winners were selected by respected independent curator Kirsten Rian.

You can view all the winners here:

20070807 stk 0209 range sails to hang in the center for fine art photography

It is alway perplexing why one photos was chosen over the others that were entered. In many ways it is typical of many of my personal photos. It was a drive-by shoot. Not in the moving car sense, but in the “what in the world is that flapping on the fence, I have to turn around and find out” sense. What I knew at the time was they were shredded sheets of plastic blowing in a strongly gusting wind. I have since learned that these are bits of torn Hay Wrap that broke free from protecting a bale of hay.

Now a good artist statement about this photo would make some reference to how they resemble Tibetan Prayer Flags or about how they make an environmental statement about our throw-a-way culture. I’m suspicious that these sort of statements are made up long after the photo was taken and have very little to do with the moment.

As with many of my photos the secret is the simple recognition of and interesting visual moment and working with the interplay of movement and light. It was not created by an special technique or equipment. The photo was made by seeing an unusual event, stopping the car, climbing through the weeds and laying on my back to point the camera at the sky.

The secret technique is knowing what direction to point the camera.

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