Apr 20 2011

Photo Use – The New Rules of the Road

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I suspect that my caller in my all-time most popular Don’t Steal My Photo and Then Ask for My Help post knew that he was taking a chance, but what if you are a good person? How do you know if you can use a photo and what is the proper way to give credit? Three friends, Yvette Van Boven , Pia Jane Bijkerk and Erin Loechner created a fun and informative poster that spells out the proper etiquette.

imagecreditposter6 FINAL2 Photo Use – The New Rules of the Road

Here are the new rules of the road

Big thanks to Yvette Van Boven , Pia Jane Bijkerk and Erin Loechner for creating the illustration.

In my world it used to be only professional photographers dealing with professional photo editors. We all learned the game rules from being on the field. Now that photos are easy to share and blogs have made publishing easier there is a new set of rules in place. All you have to do to learn them…is read.

Would any of you allow an image to be used by others? If so under what conditions? Share in the comments below.

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P.S., Some of you may righty question if it’s proper to post the illustration. In this new sharing world, the creators gave permission to use the poster as long as they were given due credit. (Check back next week for news on buying a print). I still prefer to see my name on a check when I receive credit, but I could be open to a situation where I want to share an image to make a larger point. Stay tuned.

A thanks also goes out to A Photo Editor, where I first saw the post.

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