Mar 10 2011

Sea the Sky

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Now that I’ve been living in California where mountains are common sights, returning to Florida after over 20 years made me to appreciate how the storm clouds add height to the flat landscape.

After a trip to Key West I made a journey to John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park on Key Largo where I ventured out on their glass-bottom boat tour of the reef. Returning to the dock we were greeted by a massive localized rainstorm that is common in the state. In Los Angeles we get these big storm fronts that create flat grey skies almost a day before the rain, but in Florida its common to be in the sun and see sheets of rain falling on the horizon.

sea sky Sea the Sky

Diptych of the sea and sky returning to Key Largo

This diptych shows the flatness of the Atlantic and the height of the clouds. (Note the white sailboat in each half.) My former tennis buddy Eames Yates would always comment on the height of the Florida clouds. I needed to be away for a while to appreciate them now. I hope you do as well.

What do you appreciate about Florida?

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