Jul 01 2009

i love a parade

We have your stars and your stripes and a Holiday weekend to celebrate. Pull out those lawn chairs and cheer the band coming down your street…

4thParade2 i love a parade

Flag bloused friends in Pacific Palisades, CA

…or show your patriotic spirit all the way down to the Pacific Ocean.

20030717 STK 12202 i love a parade

Neighborhood celebration in Manhattan Beach, CA

I’m off to catch some fish…

20020806 STK 0782 i love a parade

Real cowboys fish with their hat on

…and ride some horses near the Grand Tetons.

20020806 STK 0464 i love a parade

Ranch horse stretching at the end of the day

Have a great Holiday weekend!

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Jan 23 2008

early birds keep their health

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On a recent trip to Hanoi I was fortunate enough to witness the early dawn mass ritual of resident exercising around the central Hoan Keim Lake.

20070710 stk 0589 early birds keep their health

The younger residents formed groups of western style aerobics classes complete with loud booming music in the public square.

20070711 stk 1211 early birds keep their health

While the older visitors performed some sort of Tai Chi or Chi Gong either as a solo activity…

20070710 stk 0599 early birds keep their health

or in small groups.

20070710 stk 0614 early birds keep their health

The walkers in the group all seems to know that it was proper to walk around the lake in a counter-clockwise direction.

20070711 stk 1422 early birds keep their health

Many resident come or to socialize, read the newspaper or simply to cool themselves down in the early morning heat.

20070710 stk 0659 early birds keep their health

Mark Harmel



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Dec 30 2007


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When I quickly scroll through recent images shot with my digital camera I experience a delay while my

camera is processing the images with a message that reads – “busy”. I ponder if this is some

aesthetic judgement that is embeded in the camera by some Zen Japanese design engineer. Does this

mean that the composition of my recent photo set is too busy? Does the Zen critic want me to simplify

my images? I first thought this after reviewing this series of moving tree images. A more accurate

description is stationary trees shot from a moving car.

20071229 stk 61081 busy

Is the “busy” message a sign of approval? Would the busyness of this image please the camera

engineer because he or she can appreciate the beauty in complexity or is it a criticism that photos are

too busy? I took the message to heart and strove for the Zen simplicity in a couple of cat tail leaves.

20071228 stk 60351 busy

Is this what the mystery engineer wants me to produce or is there a desire for me to follow a middle


20071228 stk 60361 busy

When I see the busy indicator now what should I think?

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Nov 30 2007

agave cactus

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20071123 stk 5227 agave cactus

20071123 stk 5215 agave cactus

20071123 stk 5229 agave cactus

My mother is a great fan of gardens and on a recent visit around Thanksgiving I took her out to see the

Huntington Botanical Gardens in San Marino, CA. These are agave cactus from the desert garden that I

discovered while taking a break from a wonderful guided tour.

Huntington Botanical Gardens

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