Aug 08 2009

two mentions today

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The first comes from Planet 5D a wonderful blog site that is a great place to track the development of shooting video with the Canon 5D MKII. There is a quick run down of how I volunteered to help Erik Proulx and his Please Feed the Animals team work on the “Lenonade” film and ended up contributing video instead of stills to the production.

David5 two mentions today

David Cohen lost his job and changed his identity (still from 5D MKII video)

I’ll add more details about the project and how my new Twitter habit led me to the production.

The second Twitter connection led to a mentions in edwardboche’sposterous blog. Edward is the chief creative officer and chief social media officer at Mullen and a Twitter connection. We traded some posts in advance of his recent Crowdsourcing program for the Ad Club in Boston, and he was kind enough to express the refreshing feeling that was created by my bathtub photo from a recent Flat Creak Ranch series. (I was the poster boy photographer in Jeff Howe’s original Wire Magazine Crowdsourcing feature.)

Edward also writes about his connection to the “Lenonade” movie.

Mark Harmel

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